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5 benefits of owning granite countertops

Granite is natural stone that is beloved for its timeless beauty, which is why many Lafayette, LA property owners prefer granite kitchen or bathroom countertops. Lafayette Marble and Granite, your local countertop retailer, has a wide selection of granite countertops.

Like many of our customers, you’ll love owning granite countertops because…

  • They’re natural—unlike synthetic stone, granite is naturally occurring. It’s sourced from quarries, cut into slabs and sealed to resist wear and tear.
  • They’re durable—granite countertops can resist scratches, heat and stains.
  • They’re affordable—visit our Countertop Material Comparison page for pricing information.
  • They’re customizable—granite slabs are typically 5’-6’ wide, 8’-10’ long and 2”-3” thick. Lafayette Marble and Granite will cut any slab to fit your bathroom vanity, bathtub or kitchen island.
  • They’re aesthetically pleasing—granite slabs often feature colorful minerals. Feldspar, for instance, gives granite its red or pink tint.

The Lafayette Marble and Granite team can help you pick out granite countertops that fit your budget and home or office décor. Call 337-264-0361 today.

Quartz vs. quartzite-what's the difference?

Quartzite is a popular choice among Lafayette, LA property owners who love natural stone countertops. This rare material is often mistaken for marble, but it's more affordable and easier to maintain.

Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are artificial. As a result, they're low-maintenance and more customizable-you can even find quartz countertops in solid colors.

Contact Lafayette Marble and Granite today to learn more about the quartzite and quartz countertops available at our showroom.

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