Choosing The Right Stone For Your Kitchen Workspace

Granite is one of the very best natural stones to use for counter tops and work surfaces; and marble granite counter tops are often the most attractive. The term ëmarbleí, whilst it refers to a group of natural rock, is also used to refer to any highly polished stone surface; hence, a marble granite counter top is made from granite but will have a polished surface. Depending upon where a granite stone is quarried from it may be valued differently according to its constituent materials and overall availability; but, overall, granite is consistent in its main attributes of hardness, temperature resistance and color range.

Much of the reason why granite is a favorite for counter tops and work surfaces is because of its natural hardness, and heat resistant qualities which, together, make it an ideal kitchen counter material but also perfect for just about any other surface worktop or counter and excellent for floors too, inside or out. And while its more classic finish is of a highly polished marble, it is also possible to get it ëunfinishedí. It is very difficult to scratch or damage in any way. Granite is a hard, coarse grained rock consisting of quartz, alkali and plagioclase feldspar and it contains minerals such as hornblende and biotite mica, the molecules of which bind in such a way as to give the granite its hardness and durability.

From an aesthetic point of view granite also adds a certain sophisticated luxury to a kitchen or other room. It’s typically dark polished surface will match most color schemes and its apparent simplicity means it offers a fine back drop to most furniture and accessories. Besides this, granite, being a natural material, brings a subtle element of variety in that no two pieces are the same. Being both the ideal surface for hot and cold temperatures, and almost entirely scratch proof, as well as being able to set off almost any color or design scheme is what makes granite a favorite among interior designers and home builders alike; as well as the fact that the presence of marble granite counter tops in a property will assist in increasing the property’s value and desirability.