Two Tips For Caring For Your Granite

Taking Care of Your Granite Counter Tops Can Make A Difference

Apart from their natural beauty, many people buy granite counter tops for their strength and durability; but even so, they must still consider their granite counter tops care and protection. Granite is a very tough stone but it is still porous and, unless properly sealed, this porous stone will absorb liquids and chemicals which may stain or discolor it. This can be aggravated by the use of general cleaners on the surface which will tend to destroy the sealant. In order o avoid this happening it is necessary to take care and use proper granite cleaners and sealants so that, firstly, the sealant isnít prematurely destroyed and, secondly, that the sealant remains effective. So long as proper care is used your granite counter tops will remain as beautiful and reflective as they were when you first installed them.

The first thing to know about your granite counter top is that it has a sealant applied to it at the workshop which ensures it is protected against absorbing liquids and chemicals which would spoil its natural color and pattern. This sealant is sensitive to strong cleaning chemicals which are unnecessary and damaging. All that is required to clean your granite counter top is a damp cloth or sponge and perhaps a little dish cleaning soap which is a low level cleaner and antibacterial agent. Wipe the whole surface down with this and do not be tempted to apply anything stronger. The hard surface of granite does not present many opportunities for bacteria to hide and granite is not a natural harbor for bacteria so only superficial cleaning, and wiping over, is necessary.

However much you use the counter top it is advisable to ensure the sealant remains effective against staining and coloration. If your surface is in regular or frequent use then it is probably advisable to apply a fresh seal every six months at least; otherwise do so once each year. This is not a difficult or costly procedure and merely requires the application of a proper granite surface sealant; in fact, ordinary car wax will do the job in most cases and is often cheaper. It is best to ask your counter top supplier for a recommended product and it is a simple job of applying it much as you would wax a car. Knowing these two tips for your granite counter tops care will ensure your granite top will last a long time and always appear as attractive and glossy as when you fist installed it.